5 Ways To Enjoy And Lose Weight With Chocolate

Lose Weight With Chocolate Effortlessly

Many people are not aware that they can actually lose weight with chocolate. In fact, it has been included in the numerous diet plans to lose weight that we see today. The trick here is to know what to eat and limit their intake.

To lose with chocolate is not exactly something that we normally hear. In fact, eating chocolate might even add to your weight. It is known that the average person consumes 12 pounds of chocolate in a year. If you consider yourself a big fan of chocolate but would have to say goodbye to this sweet treat because you are looking to lose weight, you might not have to.

Numerous studies have shown that chocolate is one of the most craved food. But chocolate is not completely bad. There are a number of health benefits that come from nibbling a piece every now and them. For one, chocolate has a high amount of phenolics; chemicals that can help lower the risk for heart diseases. It is also well-known as a mood elevator, triggering the release of your body’s happy hormones to make you happier.

The catch here is to moderate the amount of chocolate that you eat. It would be even better that you get some nutrition know-hows on lose weight chocolate.

1.            Dark chocolate. Deep dark chocolate is very satisfying. This is deemed as the best kind of chocolate diets to lose weight because of its higher cocoa content than white or milk chocolate. This means that a little will go a long way. Dark chocolate contains about 110 calories per 30 grams.

2.            Chocolate sundaes. Rather than the typical ice cream, make your chocolate sundae using fresh fruit. Chocolate syrup will only contain about 25 to 50 calories per tablespoon.

3.            Chocolate ice cream floats. For those toasty days, a cold chocolate float should keep you coo. Mix a few spoonfuls of low fat chocolate frozen yogurt and diet lemonade. This ice cream soda will serve you a refreshing drink that will satisfy your craving for chocolate at only 110 calories.

4.            Chocolate mousse. Many markets now have chocolate mousse that come in healthier eating ranges. Some of these are even included in diet plans to lose weight. These products should only contain about 100 calories.

5.            Hot chocolate. For an afternoon snack or a drink before hitting the sack, there is nothing more satisfying that sipping on a mug of warm low cat chocolate. You should find many brands of hot chocolate drinks in the market today with as low as 50 calories per sachet.

Going on a diet does not mean that you should deprive yourself of the foods that you eat. You really do not have to completely give up your favorite foods, although you have a responsibility to regulate it and fit it into your tips for losing weight and lifestyle.

If you do not want to let go of your daily dose chocolate, at least try to keep your intake below 150 calories in a day. It will be hard at first but try to resist temptation. You should be able to handle them after some time.

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