A Chocolate A Day Keeps Your Doctor Away

“A chocolate a day keeps my doctor away.” Sounds unbelievable right? But there is truth in it.
Recent studies have shown that dark chocolate prevents heart attacks and a number of health benefits. Wait a minute? You said “dark chocolate”? Yes, as in dark chocolate! The chocolate that we talk about here is not the ordinary chocolate that you can easily buy at supermarkets, retail shops, candy stores, and many others.

You may wonder why dark chocolate? Before going to the dark chocolate studies let me gave you a brief background why dark chocolate is used in the study. In case you do not know, not all chocolate are same. Only dark chocolate is considered the healthy alternative. Not only it is dark chocolate but the processed should be cold-pressed to preserve much of its health giving properties. Dark chocolate contains a lot of antioxidants which have many positive effects in our bodies. In case, you need further convincing on why dark chocolate is the healthiest, let me cite some recent studies on why dark chocolate prevents heart attacks.

Dark Chocolate Studies Against Heart Diseases

In a study conducted by Australian researchers, they recruited some individuals who are already showing symptoms of having heart disease. They also met the criteria of having high blood pressure, high triglycerides, low levels of HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol), obese, and high blood sugar. It is a 10 year study on the cost effectiveness and health benefits of dark chocolate (dark chocolate that contains 75% cocoa powder). The subject individuals are required to consume dark chocolate every day.

Now, after the long wait was over everybody was shocked to know that there were less than 70 cases of non-fatal heart diseases and less than 15 of fatal heart diseases for every 10,000 people. It was also found out that those individuals who have survived heart attacks have consumed dark chocolate for at least 3 times every week have reduced their chances of having a heart attack again. In the study, those women who are in their 70’s have cut their chances of having to die of heart failure by up to 60%. This study further proves that dark chocolate prevents heart attacks.  

More Dark Chocolate Studies

Well, there are more dark chocolate studies in case you are not satisfied. Dark chocolate has also shown that it can reduce the incidence of strokes. In a recent study which involved 33,000 women by Swedish scientists; they discovered that there is a lower incidence of strokes when they ate more dark chocolate. The women who ate 45grams of dark chocolate every week were found to have 2.5 strokes per 1,000 women annually while those women who ate less than 45grams were found to have 7.8 strokes per 1,000 women. Both of these findings can be accessed in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. A study published by American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has discovered that dark chocolate has a positive effect on blood pressure because there are improvement in the blood vessels. Chocolate lovers were found to have lower blood pressure readings compared to those who did not eat chocolate.

Dark chocolate prevents heart attacks is just one of the health benefits that you get. Different dark chocolate studies have also shown that it can affect other areas of your body. Dark chocolate is very good for dieters. According to Archives of Internal Medicine that those who ate the sweet treat have lower BMI (Body Mass Index) compared to those who spared eating dark chocolate.
Dark chocolate releases serotonin and dopamine hormones. It is commonly called the “feel good homes”. Dark chocolate is very good for those who are constantly bombarded with stress. A study in 2009 discovered that chocolate is beneficial for brain health. It is a good source of iron that brings more oxygen to the brain. Individuals can count backwards better after sipping a delicious cup of hot chocolate. For those who are concerned about their skin, this is good news for you because dark chocolate can prevent wrinkles. The antioxidants present in the cocoa powder can protect you from UV rays, and even lessen your chances of having skin cancer based on study by European Dermatology London researchers.

Dark Chocolate Is Good For Heart Health

It can also be very beneficial to your eyesight. Regular consumption of dark chocolate can increase blood flow your retina. It can improve your vision as much as 17%. Do you know that dark chocolate is also good for diabetics? By eating chocolate regularly it can improve your insulin absorption  of blood sugars. The scientists conclude in this Italian study that dark chocolate can minimize your possibility of developing the ailment. Dark chocolate studies have proven that indeed dark chocolate is a great companion to your health.

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