Dark Chocolate Diet: Lose Half A Pound In 2 Weeks!

We all look at chocolate as a guilty pleasure, but now, with the dark chocolate diet, youdark chocolate dietcan eat it three times a day and still lose weight! New research has shown that far from causing waistlines to expand, enjoying a little chocolate may actually help you stay slim. A study by the University of California has found regular chocolate scoffers have less body fat because, while it contains more calories than many other foods, it appears to make your metabolism work harder, offsetting the fat that otherwise might hang around.

Dark Chocolate Benefits

For many years, research has revealed that chocolate has numerous health benefits, including reducing blood pressure, keeping your skin smoother, lowering cholesterol levels, and even protecting against type 2 diabetes. Indeed, a recent study from the University of Cambridge found people who enjoyed chocolate every day where 29% less likely to have a stroke and 37% less likely to suffer from heart disease compared to those who avoided it most of the time.

It is the flavonoids in cocoa beans, a key ingredient in chocolate, that seem responsible for the health benefits of chocolate. These flavonoids (also found in tea and red wine) act as antioxidants, which help mop up an excess of cell-damaging radicals. As a rule, the higher the cocoa content, the more flavonoids and the greater the dark chocolate health benefits – dark chocolate with 40% cocoa solids contains five times more flavonoids than white chocolate and twice as many as milk chocolate.

Research about what to eat, instead of what not to eat, to lose weight is white-hot right now, and currently there are only about 5 different strategies that work: foods that boost metabolism, foods that boost satiety, foods that suppress appetite, foods that regular mood, and foods that block digestion and absorption. The study focuses on the latter.

Dark Chocolate Antioxidants

If the dark chocolate antioxidants help block the breakdown of fat and carbohydrates, that means less gets absorbed from your digestive tract into your bloodstream, so it cannot get socked away in your fat cells. Fortunately, there are lots dark chocolate benefits, thus more reasons to enjoy it, from its effects on lowering blood pressure to boosting good LDL cholesterol. Here are 5 principles to keep in mind if you want to dark chocolate weight loss.

  1. Choose one breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Each meal contains chocolate. It is fine to save chocolate treats for between meals or the evening if you prefer.
  2. Have an extra 300 milliliters skimmed milk each day for hot drinks or to drink on its own. Try mixing it with 1 teaspoon cocoa powder and artificial sweetener to make a hot chocolate drink. You can also use it to make skinny cappuccino and top with a sprinkling of drinking chocolate powder.
  3. Fill up on vegetable and salad with meals –serve salads with fat-free dressing.
  4. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to fill up and keep you hydrated.

Watch Your Dark Chocolate Diet

Think chocolate, and most of us instantly think about piling on the pounds. But there is good news for chocolate lovers. For as long as you eat the right kind in the right amount every meal in your dark chocolate diet, you can watch as much as 7 pounds, a dress size, melt off.

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