How Dark Chocolate Diet Help You Lose Weight

Three ways that a dark chocolate diet can help

dark chocolate dietA dark chocolate diet should be of big help to the millions of overweight and obese people in the world today. Having a weight that is above the normal puts you at a higher risk to a variety of health conditions like cancer, diabetes and heart illnesses. This is the reason why so many people are looking for weight loss foods to help them lose those extra (or excess) pounds. And while there are now fast weight loss solutions available today, research has shown that a certain sweet something can be a part of an effective weight loss plan.

Dark chocolate diet for chocolate lovers

A huge majority of the world’s population loves chocolate (somehow, I find it possible for those few who do not). And if you feel guilty when you reach for a piece of chocolate to munch on, perhaps knowing that dark chocolate can help you lose weight will make you feel less guilty. Dark chocolate diet brings the body three main benefits that can help you reach your healthy weight.

Reduce insulin resistance

Insulin is released by the pancreas when your blood sugar rises (that is, when you eat something). This substance has the job of bringing the sugar in the blood to be consumed by the cells of the body. But when you eat sugary food too much, the repeated release of insulin can cause you to develop insulin resistance. Without insulin, your body cells will not be fed so your body will let you eat more and store fat so you do not starve. This, in turn, leads to weight gain. Eating a dark chocolate diet in place of sugary foods will help provide higher insulin sensitivity, lower insulin resistance and lower blood pressure than white chocolate.

Stop food cravings

Curbing food cravings in between meals significantly prevent overeating. To stop this, you need to consume food items that promote a feeling of fullness. Following a dark chocolate diet should help you with this problem. When compared with milk chocolate, a dark chocolate diet is found to be more filling. It also lessened cravings for unhealthy food items, particularly those that re fatty, salty and sweet. This, in turn, should help control and even lessen weight.

Reduce stress and cortisol levels

When you are stressed, you are more likely to eat. This is because your body copes with an increase your cortisol hormone levels (which are popularly known as the stress hormone) by secreting more insulin. Eating chocolate has been proven to make people happier as it promotes the release of your feel good hormones. Therefore, you are less prone to stress and to the overeating that mostly follows such triggers. Studies have also shown that dark chocolate can change human metabolism.

If you plan to lose weight, natural weight loss is the way to go. This includes exercising and dieting. And if you want to lose weight in a sweeter way, include dark chocolate in your plan. We have a high antioxidant meal replacement cookie that will make for a great addition to your dark chocolate diet program.

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