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What does this have to do with losing weight

For many people, dark chocolate’s benefits extend to the suppression of appetite and weight control. This may also help to elevate mood in the long term, as excess weight and obesity are often causes of  depression. Several theories explain how chocolate might aid in weight loss.

  • It provides the appropriate amount of vitamins and minerals the body needs, thus decreasing the urges for added “fuel.”
  • It stabilizes blood sugar levels, reducing hypoglycemic episodes and binge eating behaviors
  • It blocks the appetite center, tricking the mind into believing something sweet has been consumed, elevating one’s mood.
  • It’s raw sugar and theobromine content offer the increased energy needed for exercising
  • It’s MAO-inhibitor effects have been associated with decreased appetite and weight loss
  • It increases the body’s endorphin levels, naturally decreasing our urge to eat high-sugar, high-fat foods. The “high” one gets from the chocolate supersedes any enjoyment one would get from eating, so the focus shifts to eating for nutrition rather than pleasure.
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA) improves mood, which in turn decreases food cravings. Food addiction is like drug addiction; consequently, cocoa can minimize food cravings and addictions by delivering the right chemicals.
  • Some research suggests that bacteria in your stomach may play a role in obesity. For centuries, cocoa has been used as an antibacterial agent.
  • Cocoa’s flavonoid content can relieve inflammation. Chronic inflammation is associated with low leptin levels, which increases appetite. In addition, cortisol levels increase with elevated inflammatory chemicals that start to break down muscles, deposit fat in cells, and fuel the appetite.

A recent study from Japanese researchers supports the idea of chocolate being a weight control tool, finding that regular consumption of cocoa was able to prevent obesity and weight gain in animal subjects. Losing weight. The study also showed that the body weight and blood-lipid levels were significantly lower in the cocoa-fed group than in the control group. Analysis also showed that in the cocoa-diet group, metabolism and storage of fats was restricted and the fat burning mechanism was increased.

The latest information is now also showing an even bigger reason that cold pressed cocoa or unalkalized dark chocolate is so good for helping people not only lose weight, but keep it off. Cold pressed dark chocolate is very high in antioxidants. It seems that very high regular daily doses of antioxidants (over 100,000 ORACfn daily) may help the body get rid of fat by repairing the free radical damage. This requires very high daily antioxidant levels. Very hard (and expensive) to do with the typical food items in the average person’s diet, but now possible (and affordable) with a cold pressed dark chocolate high-antioxidant protein meal replacement. Turns out free radicals may damage fat cells (as well as your other cells) and the high antioxidants may not only prevent current damage, but may also repair past damage. More studies need to be done to see why it works, but according to recent clinical trials, it is working very well to help with losing weight.

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