Losing Weight Without Any Effort With Antioxidants

When it comes to losing weight and eating healthy, it seems that we have been focusing on the wrong set of numbers. Today, we are now seeing a revolutionary way of eating, which is based on the foods with the highest antioxidant activity levels. This plan will make it very easy for you to shed pounds and look fabulous, all the while boosting your energy and increasing your brainpower.

Consume Foods With High ORAC

This plan is based on the ORAC scale which stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity. weight lossThis is a scientific value that represents the antioxidant levels of foods. With this scale, a diet plan has been revised that gives you 30,000 points a day which is ten times the recommended level. It is this high ORAC points that will get rid of the free radicals which damage the elements in your bodies that contribute to everything from heart disease and cancer to brain fog and wrinkles.

With this plan, you can now say goodbye to calorie counting and focus on high ORAC scores. Just consume the right foods that are healthy and have the right proportion of nutrients so you can easily get rid of the extra weight. There are a good number of these kinds of food items. Load up on these antioxidant superstars each time you hit the grocery store and they will help you bring out your best by shedding off those excess pounds — and you do not even have to try too hard.

A diet called O2 Diet estimates that you will lose about 2 to 3 pounds a week. But instead of worrying about the pounds, focus on the ORAC points instead and the pounds should just melt away. The three weight loss wonders of this diet include artichokes, lemon water and red grapefruit. Let’s take a closer look at each one of them.

•  Artichokes — With only 60 calories each, artichokes are a calorie bargain. They are also teeming on the ORAC scale with 7,900 points, and contain phytochemicals that are of big help in lowering your cholesterol levels.

•  Lemon water — Lemon peel contains pectin which is a soluble fiber that has been proven to aid with weight loss. Simply add an ounce of lemon juice along with some zest to each of your eight daily glasses of water (which should help you feel fuller), and you will add 3,200 ORAC points.

•  Red grapefruit — A study found that people who ate half a grapefruit with each of their meals lost 3.6 pounds over a 12-week period. Also, those who drank grapefruit juice three times a day were able to shed off 3.3 pounds. The red variety has shown to have more of the cancer-protecting antioxidant lycopene. Half of a grapefruit contains 1,900 ORAC points.

Anyone who has problems with their weight should find the above information very helpful (if not a cause for a celebration). So get your fill of your antioxidants now and start adding these super healthy food items to your diet.

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