People Eating Dark Chocolate Might Weigh Less

If you are trying to lose weight, you might not have to take out dark chocolate from your diet. A new sturdy of almost 1,000 healthy adults has shown that people who eating dark chocolatefrequently eat dark chocolate actually weigh less than those who say they eat it less frequently. The study researchers say that people
who said they eat chocolate 5 times a week had a body mass index (BMI) about a point less on average than those who eat it less frequently. The researchers are saying that this can mean that the calories in healthy chocolate are being offset by other ingredients that boost metabolism. Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, it was said that, with modest amounts of chocolate, they may have the effect of being free calories or even better than free.

Eating Dark Chocolate And Bodyweight

However, nutritionists who were not involved in the study are not convinced that chocolate reduces body weight. For one, they claim that the study was observational, so it cannot prove that dark chocolate causes weight loss instead, they say that the study may say more about the kind of people who feel free to nibble on chocolate several times a week as opposed to those who do not.
They say that chocolate may be a marker for lifestyle and relaxed attitudes toward eating. Researchers say that they looked for other things that might explain the weight differences they saw, but chocolate eaters did not appear to exercise more or engage in other kinds of activities that can explain why they were slimmer than non-chocolate eaters.

Dark Chocolate And Health Benefits

Still, as treats go, chocolate has numerous qualities that make it a good choice for people watching their weight. Dark chocolate is a smart choice for dieters. Because dark chocolate is bittersweet; sweet stimulates appetite while bitter suppresses it. So there may be some lasting benefit from eating healthy chocolate in particular. Chocolate is high in fat, a quality that slows digestion and may help curb appetite longer. It also has a little caffeine, which revs metabolism that increases the number of calories the body burns at rest. Experts, caution, however, that the study does not mean that the calories in chocolate do not count. After all, no calories are free calories.  Chocolate comes in many forms, most of which are high in sugar and fat. To keep chocolate on the healthy side, keep it dark and your portions small. Ideally, what you want to consume is any dark chocolate that is 60% cocoa or greater. It was found that mice fed tiny amounts of epicatechin, one of the main antioxidants in chocolate, us able to run about twice as far on the treadmill as their counterparts who just got water.

Eat Dark Chocolate In Moderation

Based on this study, it is believed that chocolate might boost metabolism slightly more than exercise, though it does not take very much to get the effect. The dark chocolate should be about the size of the postage stamp or about the weight of a Hershey’s Kiss. A Hershey’s Kiss is 5 grams; it is very small, and it is only 30 calories.

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