Scientific Proofs That You Can Lose Weight With Dark Chocolate Diet

The Healthy Dark Chocolate Diet

Just as it is delicious for your palate, dark chocolate diet is also good for your body. The properties of chocolate were never a secret but further studies have shown that not only is it good for our mood; it also has some connections with our cholesterol. So can dark chocolate help you lose weight? It most certainly can. It was found out that the link between chocolate and cholesterol has some positive effect on reducing body fat in the midsection. And while chocolate is not exactly the main ingredient in lose weight diets and will not let you lose weight fast, there are numerous research showing that this delectable dessert can aid in shedding off a few extra pounds.

The Scientific Proofs Of Dark Chocolate Diet

Dark Chocolate Reduces Insulin Resistance

Insulin is a substance released by the pancreas when there is an increase in blood sugar. Its main job is to being blood glucose to the cells for energy. Repeated insulin release because of too much intake of sugary foods, however, will cause cells to develop resistance to it so that it ends up depriving cells of its needed nutrition. And when the body is near starvation, it will call for more food intake and fat storage, resulting to weight gain.

By substituting dark chocolate for those sugary foods, you can help reduce insulin resistance. A study has shown that those who ate dark chocolate experienced lower insulin resistance and higher insulin sensitivity than those who ate white chocolate. As an added bonus, those who ate dark chocolate also experienced low blood pressure.

Dark Chocolate Helps Stop Food Cravings

Reductions in food cravings in between meals prevent overeating. This means that consuming foods that promote a feeling of fullness is significant for weight loss. It has been found that dark chocolate just might help with this. A study showed that, compared to white chocolate, dark chocolate was found to be more filling, lessening cravings to unhealthy food. Researchers were able to note a decrease calorie intake of up to 15% among those individuals who consumed dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Reduces Stress And Cortisol Levels

Stress signals the release of cortisol, causing the body to secrete more insulin which leads to overeating. A study with subjects suffering from anxiety was made to consume dark chocolate daily for two weeks. Their urinalysis showed a reduction in the excretion of cortisol, prompting the researchers to conclude that chocolate has some effect on human metabolism.

Try Dark Chocolate Diet Now!

Diets for weight loss might still be the best way to healthily lose weight but dark chocolate does some wonders in aiding it. However, make sure that you stick to the proper serving amount. Remember that chocolate is a fat and can cause weight gain when it is not properly used. Also, know that only semi-sweet and dark chocolate have these weight loss benefits. While milk chocolate and other chocolate have some benefits, they will also significantly add to your calorie and fat intake.


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