How To Be Slim While Still Eating Dark Chocolate

It is possible to melt a few pounds without having to give up dark chocolate? There are so many testimonies from dieters who have managed to lose weight while still enjoying a little chocolate. To achieve this, though, you need to be armed with a healthy eating plan and be well disciplined to allow this indulgence to form a part of your diet and still lose weight.

Lose Weight Without Giving Up Dark Chocolate

  1. Talk to your professional nutrition specialist about a diet that is suitable to your needs.chocolate Majority of your diet should be tailored to your health needs, containing healthy wholesome food. Remember that you will only add dark chocolate to your diet, and not make a diet centered on chocolate.
  2. Tell your professional nutrition specialist that you intend to consume a little chocolate as part of your diet plan. They can help you adjust the calories in the right places to make room for a sweet treat from time to time.
  3. Choose the best and as this is going to give you the greatest nutrition and antioxidant benefits for its calories. Look for chocolate that has the highest ratio of chocolate solids with only a small amount of added sugar. Also avoid any chocolate with added dairy. The purer the chocolate, the better
    • Avoid chocolate pasties, chocolate with milk solids, filled chocolates and chocolate candy bars as these contain a lot of sugar, calories and fat that does not belong in a healthy diet.
    • Dark chocolate that has been flavored with spices or essences can make a nice and calorie-free change from plain dark chocolate. Boutique stores specialize in such healthy chocolate varieties.
  4. Eat the dark chocolate in moderation. Set a limit on the number of chocolate square you are allowed to eat and stick to it, so you set aside guilt. About one to two squares should be enough to eat per treat time.
  5. Thoroughly enjoy the chocolate experience. When you include healthy chocolate as part of your weight loss regimen, fully appreciate its taste.
  6. Enjoy a piece or two of dark chocolate with your favorite hot drink. During snack time, this can be a very tasty way to have a morsel of chocolate, helping you avoid munching or snacking on something that is unhealthy.
  7. Enjoy chocolate drinks. Chocolate drinks are a great way to get the flavor without the calories, for as long as you choose the right drinks.
  8. Sprinkle cocoa powder over raw fruit. This can give the taste of chocolate at just a fraction of the calories. You can also use raw cocoa nibs, which are widely available in health food stores. Be aware that they are quite bitter though and are somewhat of an acquired taste.
  9. Have a sensible daily exercise plan in place. A diet is only as good as the exercise that goes with it. Let the knowledge that you can indulge in a little chocolate drive you to weight lift, jog, run, swim, and bike longer and harder.


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