Why we face health problems today

We are definitely not eating right.

Whatever excess baggage that brings – obesity and the assorted health problems in its wake – we have to be prepared for it. One  generation ago, people would not dream of picking up whatever packet of junk food they could get at first in order to feed their faces. Today, we do that so very casually. “I am hungry” usually means “I want a hamburger or a hot dog, probably with chips on the side and a cola.” “Let’s go out and party” means “Let’s go out and booze till we can’t stand up on our own and intersperse the drinks with as much synthetic-laden wannabe Chinese food that we can get.”

And, “I am on a diet” means “I am on a chemically driven pill which will kill my hunger and deprive my body of vitamins.”

It is really no wonder that we are facing so many health problems today.

Our health is an indicator of what we eat. The sorry condition that we are living in is not an individual problem; it is a global problem. The world as a whole is eating wrong. Just check these facts out – 6 in every 10 persons in the US is overweight, and the number is going to be 8 in every 10 persons by the time we hit 2015. The US, the largest economy in the world, is spending close to $147 billion a year on health care due to various obesity-related issues. And this situation is true with most of the so-called developed nations of the world.

Now, if you just consider this one fact, think how much richer the US would have been if it didn’t have to contend with this problem. The US reserves would have approximately $150 billion more each year which it could have used for developmental purposes. Probably, there would have been more schools and colleges, more research work being done, the lifestyle of people could be improved, and so much more. With that amount of money, the US could feed 3 third-world countries in Africa each year and rid them of all their food problems.

Are we really thinking about this? We aren’t. Even as you are reading this, you probably have a packet of potato chips on the side. Do you know that that packet, which is filling your stomach with some of the most toxic chemicals known to humans, could instead have fed an emaciated child in Rwanda?

But it’s not just about being philanthropic. It’s about ourselves too. Yes, we have to be selfish. With such alarming health figures, aren’t we calling doom upon us?

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